370z Swift Springs Review

Swift SpringsSwift Springs


Swift Springs gave the best bang for the buck and focused mostly on improving the handling of the vehicle. The springs drop the car 1″, which is slightly noticeable, but definitely looks more aggressive. They also improve driver confidence, since they nearly eliminate body roll. 9.5/10 rating for these springs, and I only deducted .5 for the slammed folks who are looking for a more drastic drop.


I took this picture right after I installed the springs and I instantly noticed a much more aggressive stance with my car. The springs offer a 1.25″ drop in the front and a 1″ drop in the rear. I was told that there would be a slight .25″ drop, once the springs settled in. I haven’t really noticed anything, but I’m really happy with how my car sits right now. The wheels seem a bit small, since the wheels’ offset are more noticeable.


As soon as I took my first corner, I noticed a pretty big difference with the steering response. I can take windy roads at much quicker speeds, since there’s little to no body roll and the car does anything that I ask it to. I also began to noticed that I could feel the road a lot more. It may not be as a comfortable ride, since you can feel every little bump more drastically, but it’s good if you’re planning to track your Z. It also really induced my driver confidence, and eliminated the fear of oversteering or understeering on windy roads.

I bought my Swift Springs here.

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