Thoughts on my Custom Muffler Delete

As some of you know, I went out to CJ’s Muffler & Brake in Arlington last week to get a muffler delete on Zyra. They charged me only $80 (They would’ve charged $40 if I had a single exhaust.) to get my muffler cut off and welded the pipes on the spot. I would say it took around 30 nervewracking minutes to get the job done. But once they lowered the car and I pressed that Engine Start button, I was greeted by the beautiful roar of the VQ engine. The muffler delete had me smiling all the way home. I noticed that it wasn’t too unbearably loud, where I would wake everyone in the neighborhood up, but I was still able to turn some heads with it when I drove past people. I think it sounds the loudest around 3000-4000rpm so I would be able to shift before I made too much of a ruckus. My only gripe about the muffler delete was that I noticed a drastic drop in fuel economy. I used to be able to achieve 25/27MPG easily, but with the muffler delete, I can only get a consistent 21/25MPG. I read that it was because a decrease in pressure, so I could probably get it fixed with a proper tune. Besides for the fuel economy, I feel like I made a good choice by getting my muffler deleted at a shop! Saved myself getting $400 AAM Short Tails.
I’m planning to install my ART pipes this weekend, so I’ll give you guys a full review and update once I get that done. It’s going to sound amazing! Also, I apologize for not posting recently, I’ve just been dealing with personal issues, I was also busy with school since it started last week.

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I'm just a 19-year-old student living with my parents. I enjoy things from Anime, Cars, Video games, and Food.

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