Why I Don’t Use The Automated Car Wash – How To Wash Your Car Properly

Why do I hand wash my car? “It’s tiring, wet, and dirty” and you’re right. The main reason why I don’t take MY car to the automated car wash is that those automated car washes pick up a lot of dirt. Think about it, hundreds of dirty cars go through an automated car wash every day. All of the rock & dirt ends up getting collected on the brushes and eventually leave permanent minor scratches on every car they touch. At the end of the wash, you’re left with a bunch of minor scratches and a half dirty car. I don’t know about you guys, but I love my Zyra way too much to be doing her dirty like that.

So where do you go whenever you need a car wash? To save money, I’d personally wash my car at home with my own hose and water. But if you live in an apartment complex or somewhere without access to water, I would suggest going to a coin wash. Each session costs around $0.50-$1.50 and lasts around 2 minutes. That’s enough time to get your car pre-soak and rinse it off in a second session. The tools provided are a water gun, of course, and a large brush. I highly don’t recommend using the large brush, since they’re prone to picking up dirt and scratching your paint similar to the automated car wash brushes.

Bucket Technique

The bucket technique is what I use whenever I wash my car, it allows me to make sure that I’m always washing my car with a clean wash mitt. I use the Detailing Bucket Kit from Chemical Guys. Here’s a detailed Youtube video on how to use the Bucket Technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ghqaY4LAvg

Last, but not least, you will just need to dry your car with a microfiber cloth. Drying your car completely after your wash will prevent any kind of dust from sticking to the left over water droplets. Having your car dry by the blowers at the automated car wash, doesn’t completely dry your car. You’ll notice your rear license plate area, still be dirty and wet, since the automated car wash can’t virtually wash and dry every single spot.

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