My Favorite Offensive Overwatch Heros

Whenever I play offensive heroes, I focus on laying down as much damage as possible and I try to focus on their most valuable heroes like their healers and main damage output. When it comes to dishing out the most damage, these are my favorite heroes:



McCree is excellent at delivering final blows to enemies. His large amount of damage makes up for his low rate of fire. He also provides great crowd control when he’s able to land his Flashbang upon multiple targets. He’s good both at a medium and short range.

Counter Against: Tracer, Pharah, Mercy

Countered By: D.Va, Reinhardt

Tip: His flashbang can be thrown above Reinhardt’s shield, stunning him and surrounding teammates. His flashbang is also great at stunning that annoying Tracer.



It’s undeniable how much of an impact Pharah can be in games. She does tons of damage to the enemy team, especially since all of her shots deal AoE/splash damage. She’s effective against characters with short range since she has the ability to keep her distance. She also has the ability to fly over buildings, setting her up for devastating flanks with her ultimate.

Counter Against: Reinhardt, Any Squishy Heroes

Countered By: Widowmaker, Solider: 76, McCree, Genji, D.Va

Tip: Use her Concussive Blast to displace the enemy Reinhardt in middle of your team. He becomes vulnerable from all angles, taking down their primary shield. Her Concussive Blast is also good at knocking off enemy heroes from higher ground.


Solider: 76

Solider: 76 has a great kit, allowing him to heal his teammates as well as deal out tons of damage. He’s great for dealing with squishy characters as well as dealing consistent damage to tanks. His ultimate, Tactical Visor, is the playmaker, especially if you’re flanking the enemy team from behind or above.

Counter Against: Pharah, Mercy, Tracer

Countered By: D.Va, Roadhog, Ana

Tip: Place your Biotic Field in the middle of your team during a team fight to help sustain your team.



Tracer does a great deal of damage especially if you’re good at landing all of her shots. She’s extremely slippery and has the ability to regenerate her health. She’s my favorite against tanks like Reinhardt, since it disorients them when you dash and do damage behind them. She’s the perfect character for flanking the enemy team and her kit allows her to jump in and out of fights. Her Pulse Bomb also comes back extremely fast!

Counter Against: Reinhardt, Roadhog, Zenyatta

Countered By: Winston, McCree

Tip: Use her Pulse Bomb on the enemy healer or tank. It’s especially great if the team is surrounding the tank or healer.

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