My Inactivity & Cryptocurrency

I’ve been MIA for the past few months and I’ve been pretty darn busy with life. I just want to give you guys an update on how things have been going in the past few months.

Moving Out

I was honestly planning on getting a stable job and moving out into an apartment with my friend. I got the interview and everything and things were going well, but suddenly I got this wave of unmotivation/motivation?

Initially, my plan was to get this field marketing job that said they would pay me $800-$1000 weekly and move out to a small apartment with my a close friend for $900 monthly rent.

The picture above is the apartment complex and it looks amazing, especially for $900 a month! Personally, it reminds me of California, which I really miss and it was one of the apartments I wanted to move into when I first moved to Texas. The location wasn’t that bad at all, it would’ve been 9 minutes away from my job and is super close to our little “K-Town” filled with tons of good food/hangouts. Pretty much, this would be a 20-year-old’s dream, but things began to change in my mind.

First of all, I started to realize my roommate might not be as responsible as I was and I wasn’t looking to take care of someone else when I wasn’t sure if I could even do so for myself. Secondly, I realized this would only make me happy in the short-term. Taking on this responsibility would lead to much more stress and less freedom. The job would also require for me to be extremely extroverted, which doesn’t match my personality at all. Despite the decent pay ($40,000+/annually) I feel like I’d come home everyday exhausted like my previous customer service experience.

So this has motivated me to focus on school for now to get some kind of computer science degree to work as a programmer and get paid more. I’m currently focused on cyber security, but I plan on changing that soon to programming related. On top of that, I’ve been improving with my trading. I’ve been managing my risk much better as well as making decent gains with cryptocurrency lately.


I’ll probably start updating my blog with more cryptocurrency updates and trading opportunities that I’m taking. These posts won’t be advice, but should only be used for educational purposes. Cryptocurrency has opened me to so many cool ICOs and projects. There’s still plenty of growth in the market, so I think it’s a good time to invest. Hopefully my posts are informative and helpful!

Here is an outdated screenshot of my portfolio:


With all of that said, I’m going to focus on the things in front of me and become more active on my blog. I really did miss this and I feel like I can make time for blogging & vlogging again. Please tell me about how things have been going for you guys and what you guys think of all of this! I also hope you guys are ready for new content!

Thanks for reading. 起源

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I'm just a 19-year-old student living with my parents. I enjoy things from Anime, Cars, Video games, and Food.

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