Neon Genesis Evangelion Review

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a mecha anime that aired back in 1995. It’s one of the classics that everyone around me seemed to enjoy, so I had to watch it for myself and see what it was all about. Thinking about it, it was probably incredibly unique especially for the time period it initially aired. Which was probably one of the reasons why it was so successful.

The Initial Plot:

A 14-year-old boy by the name of Shinji is called to NERV (an organization that defend’s mankind from extincting) by his father, who left him at a very young age. On arrival, his father immediately has him pilot an Eva, which was specifically built to fight monsters attacking their city. These monsters were called Angels and seemed invincible to the military’s weaponry. The Evas, which were piloted by selected 14-year-olds, are the only thing that can stop them destroying mankind. As the series goes on, the Angels evolve and become more complicated adding more suspense, mystery, twist and turns for NERV and the Eva pilots.

The Characters:

Shinji Ikari


Shinji is probably the most believable and genuinely sympathetic character in the anime. The other characters make him seem annoying, since he may appear to be overly emotional at times, but the kid is only 14 years old. Throughout the series, Shinji faces his mental struggles to find his purpose in life.

Gendo Ikari


Gendo is Shinji’s father who abandoned him at a younger age after their mother’s death. I hate him with a burning passion, because of the way he treats Shinji and the people around him.

Asuka Langley


Throughout the series, Asuka is pretty cold to Shinji, mainly because Shinji ends up stealing her limelight in combat. It’s super stubborn, but then again, they’re still teenagers and that’s how some teenagers act. I like that all the characters develop and mature over time. One of the things that really made me uncomfortable and I felt could’ve been left out was her love interest for Ryoji, who is twice her age (she’s 14 and he’s 30).

Rei Ayanami


Honestly, starting out, I didn’t care too much for Rei. Mainly, because her character seemed so robotic and had little to no emotion. I would’ve liked to saw her grow emotionally, but later on in the series we kind of find out why she doesn’t bother to do so. It was nice that she took orders and performed those orders to the best of her ability. I enjoyed seeing her team up with the other pilots during combat.

The Design


I honestly loved the entire aesthetic, whether it be the title card, logo, or design. Personally, Shinji’s Eva was my favorite. I felt like the other ones could’ve been cooler, but I’m glad they all didn’t look the same. The Magi operating system’s design was pretty cool as well. I also enjoyed seeing the Angels in the anime representing something similar to how they were described in the Christian bible, with having many eyes, etc.

The Music

The OST is definitely one of my favorite openings. It’s very memorable and you never get tired of hearing it. I actually listened to it before every single episode, when I usually skip the openings of other shows. Here it is:

The Ending

The last two episodes were super frustrating and unsatisfying to watch. But I understand that it’s supposed to be psychological/experimental. I’m looking forward to watching the other released movies, since the art has improved and I heard that it explains the last two episodes better.

Overall, the anime is definitely an iconic piece. I was absolutely hooked on the first episodes and am looking forward to watching the other anime movies. If you haven’t watched this anime already, they you should, because it’s an absolute must!

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