LindaCoin – Fundamental Analysis

LindaCoin is a hybrid coin that offers 70% pure PoS block reward phase and 99% APR. It also comes with a masternode to ensure lightning fast, secure transactions. You can find out more about LindaCoin on their website.

This is basically going to be a fundamental analysis, rather than a review of the coin itself.

I want to start off saying that I’ve made 200-300% with LindaCoin in the past when I was a beginner trading cryptocurrency. Ever since then, LindaCoin has been in a pretty strong downtrend.

Recently in late January, there was a lot of FUD spreading around by a group of people about LindaCoin. Stating that the team didn’t have control of the cryptocurrency, mainly because the previous owner wasn’t a part of the team. There was also a website leak of a not so impressive website (not the current website), which they denied was theirs after I asked them. They hyped up the website released, then ended up delaying it for quite a few days. Their website was then hacked and showed up “shitcoin” on the main title.

Turns out the website link that I messaged them with, ended up being their actual website and was what they posted on their Twitter during this “shitcoin” mess. The website was filled with typos from their old website and a some links didn’t work and images weren’t showing up. The website seemed like something that I could honestly code with my little website creation knowledge.

There was a massive backlash with investors. I was a strong HODLer, but after this embarrassing event, I couldn’t defend them anymore. I stayed away from LindaCoin for a while, knowing that there would be a drop to at least 13 satoshis (28 satoshis at the time).

Here we are at 12 satoshis and what I see for the future in the coin.

A few days ago, the owner transferred the domain, website, hosting account, Twitter account, and Github account to the current LindaCoin team. This means that they’ll have much more control with its situation, unlike in January. On their sk8r’s Twitter, he stated that the team is working on a rebrand to disassociate with the bad reputation the coin has. I also saw on Discord that they were thinking about changing the max supply of LindaCoin. (8,450,266,559 circulating out of 50,000,000,000)

In Q2 of this year, the LindaCoin team plans on releasing a new wallet with a new algorithm, which will add more features.

Personally, I think 12-16 satoshis is a good price to buy. The risk:reward ratio is pretty good. I see at least 100% gains from this coin in Q2. The only thing that worries me is that the LindaCoin team worries about the value of the coin too much. Their team members seem to retweet and focus on the valuation too much, which really worries me. Because I’d rather prefer for them to get excited about the coin/project rather than only the price.

I see potential, but the team will have to execute everything well and live up to the hype Especially since they had such a bad reputation in the past. To be fair, the team has only been in control for the past 2 months. I’m excite to see what LindaCoin has in store for us!

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